Crooked Tree Vineyard
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We established Crooked Tree Vineyard in the spring of 2013 on a 5 acre parcel of land located on the Southeast shore of Kelleys Island, planting Cabernet Franc vines with the incredible help of our friends and family. In 2016, and after three years of nurturing the vines, we harvested our first grapes and distributed them to local Lake Erie-area winemakers. Pleased with the success of our vineyard, we decided to turn our focus to creating red wines that we would enjoy drinking and sharing with friends. Our first two varietals, Cabernet Franc and Raccoon Red, were made from grapes we harvested in November of 2017 and then aged for 18 months. They are both available in our tasting room at Crooked Tree Vineyard and at the Island Market located on the Kelleys Island. If you would like to order wine or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We hope you have the chance to live out your dream as we are doing!

– Janet and Steve Wermuth



Handcrafted Wines

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Cabernet Franc

We introduced our 2017 inaugural vintage of Crooked Tree Vineyard Cabernet Franc in honor of our family and friends who worked very hard to help us establish the vineyard. Our Cabernet Franc is dry, red estate wine that boasts a subtle herbaceous character and is produced in-house from our very own grapes.

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raccoon red

Those pesky raccoons that call Kelleys Island home have developed a taste for our Cabernet Franc grapes, and let us know when the brix (sugar level) in the grapes is rising by scaling the large deer fence surrounding the vineyard for a meal. We dedicate this wine to the island’s raccoons in hopes that it will appease them for next fall! Our Raccoon Red is a 80/20 blend of Crooked Tree Vineyard's Cabernet Franc and Chambourcin wine produced by Klingshirn Winery in Avon Lake, Ohio. This blend features the herbaceous qualities of the Cabernet Franc augmented with slight fruity accents from the Chambourcin, a wine that will satisfy both red wine fans and those just beginning to develop a palate for red wines.

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As you walk into our vineyard, you are greeted with a lightly sweet fragrance, a combination of grapes ripening on the vine and the many varieties of wildflowers that grow on Kelleys Island. This was our inspiration for creating a limited edition varietal we named Wildflower White, which balances the floral notes of Traminette grapes with a little extra natural sweetness for a wine that’s sure to make your taste buds smile! Wildflower White is a sweet, white wine. It has a buttery feel with a refreshing aroma and finish, produced by enhancing a traditionally dry Traminette wine so that it’s perfect for summer sipping.

*Available only in our tasting room.

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When we founded Crooked Tree Vineyard, our plan was to make wines that would entertain our fondness for dry reds. However, it turns out that my sisters prefer their red wines to be on the sweeter side. So after all of their lighthearted grumbling and teasing, we finally conceded and are pleased to introduce Four Sisters Red in honor of Denise, Lynne, Patti, and Janet (me). This is a wine that all sisters, whether by blood or love, can enjoy together! Four Sisters Red is made from our own Cabernet Franc grapes and sweetened with juice made from those same grapes. Enjoy slightly chilled to enhance the flavor that’s more fruit-forward than traditional Cabernet Franc.

*Available only in our tasting room.


The Tasting Room

Visit our tasting room at the Crooked Tree Vineyard, open Thursday - Saturday from 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm., where you can sample and purchase vintage wines produced here at our vineyard on Kelleys Island.